will running a mile a day improve your stamina?

will running a mile a day improve you’re stamina, because people are telling me it won’t improve your stamina a lot they tell me to run on stairs or do 100m runs

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15 Responses to “will running a mile a day improve your stamina?”

  1. Ethan says:

    If you run a mile every day, your stamina will improve. Running stairs or doing sprints improves your lung capacity, not your stamina. I would suggest running a mile every day for a while, until that mile seems pretty easy to do. Then you can start running two or more miles a day.

  2. Yeti says:

    It will do it more than doing nothing, but you’d ideally average more than that. You do need days off for your body to recover though, so it wouldn’t need to be every day.

  3. poodle luvr says:

    keep a schedule and make sure that you run a little more each time u ru to get more stamina-run 2 miles some times.. heres my running schedule-
    monday-2 miles
    tuesday-3 miles
    wednesday-2 miles
    thursday-1 mile
    friday-2 miles
    saturday-3 miles
    sunday- rest day, no running

  4. Jogger2425 says:

    Yes, but not by much.

    But, I generally don’t recommend doing the same workout every day. You need rest days. It helps to train at different distances and speeds. And, don’t run the mile as hard as possible more than once every week, or once every two weeks.

    I’m a distance runner. From my perspective, here is how I see the term:

    Stamina is the ability to continue to work, for tens of minutes, or hours. If you want to improve stamina, you need an activity that you can do for 30 minutes or more.

    Endurance is the ability to continue to work for tens of minutes, or hours at an difficult or challenging level.

    Finishing a marathon in 7 hours gives an example of stamina. Finishing a marathon in 3.5 hours gives an example of endurance.

    Distance training programs (marathon, 20K and the like) have long runs once a week, or once every two weeks. Other runs might be medium or short runs. The distances of the medium runs and the long run are increased gradually to build endurance and stamina.

    It may be that sprinters use the term “stamina” differently than I do.

  5. Allan says:

    a little bit but your better off running a few miles a day then run up and down stairs or doing suicides

  6. livexlifex44 says:

    Running a mile a day will help your stamina more than stairs or 100m. Running a mile everyday will help build the endurance in your body. But the best thing to do would be to chance it up. One day run a mile or two then the next run stairs then do a sprint work out and do like 6 100 meters. The variety will build different muscels in your body.

  7. Emily says:

    Yes it will improve your stamina. The key here is to improve every time you run. If you run a bit faster as your stamina increases, and feel tired every time when you are done, than you are still challenging yourself and are still improving your stamina.

  8. Richard W says:

    Those people are right. One mile runs are too short. Run AT LEAST two miles.

  9. <3 says:

    of course! you want to be pushing yourself everyday! once your stamina is growing, however, you want to be running a little bit more everyday. in the beginning of last summer (first week of july), i ran an 8 minute mile. by the end of august, i was running 7 miles at once –ยป feeling GREAT! so really, improvement on stamina usually comes with a little more increase each day. if you keep running the same old mile everyday… you really won’t see AS much improvement as you could by increasing, say, .2 more miles each day.

    for example, 1 mile the first day, 1.2 the next, 1.4 afterwards. etc. etc. i’m sure you can calculate the rest of your plan haha. also, as others have said… running aerobically can also come from inclines and declines. hopefully you succeed in whatever you do. good luck!

  10. Just Wondering says:

    Jump start your training by adding some speed-work (interval trtaring) into some of your runs. What I’m suggesting is add some short faster runs inti your training. That will build strength and endurance. Try to increase your distance after a week or two. Aim for increasing your distance about 10% per week.

  11. john says:

    Jogger made a good post.

    Running 1 mile a day is obviosly better than nothing but to improve your stamina (running farther) you need to slowly build your distance. That means adding a little distance every few runs until you reach your goal. I have run marathons, and as jogger mentioned, I varied my running workouts. I never ran the same way twice in a week. I would do sprints one day, long run the next, short and fast, and then an interval run. Im not saying you have to really do all of this but just take note that running the same way every day is NOT the best way.

    When people get tired when it comes to long distance running most of the time its the MUSCLES . . . not the heart getting tired. Running faster but shorter is the opposite. Running on stairs will help your cardio aspect. Helping you push up that hill or whatever. To develop your running muslces you need to engage slow twitch muscle fibers which resist fatigue. They are only trained after 40 min or so of steady cardio.

    So to sum things up if your goal is to build up more endurance so you can run farther . . . I would work on building your distance. Forget about speed for now. Get the distance under your belt first and then start working on running faster. Or you could simply vary your workouts like I mentioned. Do a little of everything. Find what works for you and GL !

  12. Charge The Hill says:

    the more you run consistently the more you will be able to run in the future. start at one, but then you definitely want to increase the distance

  13. Michael H says:

    To have any impact on stamina you need to raise your heart rate to at least 65% of its maximum rate for at least 20 minutes. It doesn’t really matter how you do this.

  14. lauren says:

    Yes it will improve you stamina. Try getting your mile time down every 1-2 weeks. Running stairs is great for runners. Do sets and time yourself.

  15. martina t says:

    No it wont it will only increase your fitness and not by much.
    The only way you can increase your stamina is increasing the workout.
    a mile a day wont really do anything but keep you in shape but starting with a mile then turning it into 2 the next day and so on, increasing your over load will definately increase your stamina i promise you