mu sugar levels was 278 about an hour ago, should I go to the er or drink water and exercise first?

I also have CAD Hypertension and emphysemia would like to avoid hospital if possible but will go. Also does menstruation raise sugar levels

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11 Responses to “mu sugar levels was 278 about an hour ago, should I go to the er or drink water and exercise first?”

  1. butterfly_24 says:

    please go to the hospital!

  2. Blingme says:

    Go to the ER and take all your medicines with you, so they can see what you’re currently on. If you have your diabetic medicine take it now, and go to the hospital.

  3. mompoo says:

    Did you remember to take your medicine for it? If you have I would suggest that you go to the ER, or at least call your Dr….I know it’s night, but they have a 24 hour answering service….

  4. bambi says:

    YOu do not need to go to the ER for a blood glucose level of 278. You KNOW what you need to do in order to reduce and control it! Do you take insulin or other hyperglycemia medications? Are you compliant with your diet? Are you well hydrated?

  5. butterflykisses56 says:

    yes you can work out a little that will bring your sugar down.mine is hi all the time

  6. alexeverwander says:

    For the love of dog! 278 is not high enough to go to the ER, but you should try to get your blood-sugar down. Drinking water won’t exactly do that, but it will make you feel better. Exercising when your blood-sugar is over 250 will likely raise not lower it. Best advice I can give you is to take your medications as directed and continue to monitor your levels.

    Menstruation can raise levels, but not all women experience this equally.

  7. fruitybaby101 says:

    278 is really not high enough to go to the ER but drinking more fluids will help not colas or juices plain water will do fine. If you take insulin on a sliding scale see what u need to take for that glucose level. I would call my doc and he may just recommend you coming to the office for a check-up in the morning.I am a diabetic 278 is nothing for me I have been in the 700′s and work all day. but everyones body is different. Continue to monitor.

  8. honey money says:

    DO not exercise. When your blood sugar is that high exercise won’t bring it down and can cause you to have a heart attack or pass out. I have never heard of menstruation raising a blood sugar. I would see a doctor in the hospital because of your other health problems coupled with the high blood sugar. I think if your blood sugar is above 160-180 you aren’t supposed to exercise, you are just supposed to take insulin or glucophage (whichever you are on). Drink plenty of water and go to the ER immediately!

  9. dreeamer86 says:

    ring ur diabetic educator, keep drinking water and take some more insulin, if u can’t get a hold of ur diabetic educator or u don’t have one just take more insulin and keep checking ur levels, make sure u keep drinking water

  10. raguim says:

    If you have not eaten for 2 hours before you checked your blood sugar and feeling any symptoms, go to the ER.

  11. magicwriter65 says:

    Test your ketones first. If they’re high, call your doctor. Otherwise, take the medicine your doctor gave you, and maybe exercise. There are lots of logical explanations for a blood sugar of 278, IE forgetting to take insulin or medication for food. If you’re really high (300+), feel nauseous, or have ketones, that’s when you Need to call a doc.
    Menstruation does different things to different women. For me, my blood sugar goes crazy and being in the two or three hundreds isn’t unusual when I’m PMSing.