can i take diet pills while im breastfeeding ?

i am planning to breastfeed with my second baby. but also i want to take diet pills to help me lose weight. is it alright ? or it will affect the baby ?

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12 Responses to “can i take diet pills while im breastfeeding ?”

  1. Snow Covered! says:

    Do not eat a low calorie diet or take diet pills while breast feeding. During that time you need extra calories to make milk for the baby!

  2. Mountaineer Mom says:

    No. Anything you take into your body is passed to your baby through breast milk.

  3. Sarah says:

    don’t take them until you have finished just in case well i wouldn’t anyway

  4. Brooke B says:

    No you cannot… Everything you put in your body gets to the baby in small amounts. I wouldn’t even chance it! And its every unhealthy… plus breastfeeding helps in weight lose also!

  5. Kaitlyn's_Mommy says:

    No don’t….most of those diet pills have herbs that could cross into the breast milk barrier and could potentially harm your baby. Its not worth it.
    Breastfeeding itself will help to boost your metabolism. Just continue to do that & keep active. The weight will come off.

  6. Jillian says:

    NO, they are practically speed and they aren’t even good for you at all- breastfeeding burns off more calories than that diet pill would- breastfeeding burns 500-800 calories a day- i wiegh 6 pounds less than i did prepregnnacy after gaining 27 pounds all from breastfeeding:)

  7. mallgurl says:

    Duh it will affect the baby.
    when you are pregnant you cant take pills,drink soda,or eat anything artificial like gummy worms.
    if you eat any of that stuff its gonna go in the baby’s stomach,which is very sensitive.

  8. Mommy27 says:

    While nursing you tend to lose weight faster anyhow… so that in itself should be enough.
    You should NOT take any kind of diet pill while nursing, they actually say it on the package label.
    Eat good healthy foods like fruits and veggies, whole grains, protein etc… try to stay away from processed foods and exercise when the doctor gives the OK. Start slowly though. When you are done nursing if you are still not happy with your weight then maybe consult your doctor to find the best methods…. Diet pills are just mainly caffeine pills and aren’t very good for you.
    Good luck .

  9. zia says:

    no diet pills or any other kind of pills unless there safe to share with your child. what you take in, you feed to your child.

  10. supergirl says:

    It’s best if you don’t. They will be passed on to your baby. Diet pills have a hormonal affect, and personally, not only will I not expose my baby to that I would hold off until I’m done nursing because with all the post-birth changes and emotions, adding diet pills will expose you to more emotional and physical complications.

    Just drink lots of fresh fruit and vegetable juice and watch your portions. Also do some exercises such as walking, aerobics(including water aerobics) or swimming. You can also get an exercise ball for home.

    I would hold off on diet pills while you’re nursing. Best wishes.

  11. Vin's mom says:

    No ways… Enjoy the time you breastfeed your precious baby. I stopped breastfeeding when my son was 3 months old because I wanted to start getting my body back to pre-pregnancy state. Worst mistake I made, I regret it everyday.

  12. MB-n-KC says:

    I would NOT! ask you Dr. They will prob say NO!
    I was like you…ready to get that weight off. It came off. Don’t worry. Exercise and watch what you eat. GOOD LUCK