Best (and fastest) way to increase running distance, endurance and stamina?

I’m 21 years old, Active Duty Army.

I’m pretty in shape… I guess.
I really want to run better though.

I can run 1 mile in 8:45 and 2 miles in 17:30!

What are ways I can increase my endurance and stamina to maybe run 3 miles or more? Ways to improve my mile time?

I used to run track in High School and I could run 1 mile in 6:40, but I just can’t seem to do it anymore. Maybe pregnancy and having a child have ruined that for me?

Is there any way I can knock off some minutes in my mile & 2 mile time?
Any way to increase distance?



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5 Responses to “Best (and fastest) way to increase running distance, endurance and stamina?”

  1. Darryl says:

    Well you should lose some blubber on the love handles not saying your fat but all the fat you carry is dragging your energy that’s why you should weigh less. and again NOT SAYING YOUR FAT

  2. adam g says:

    Doing repeats are a great way to increase time and stamina

  3. Jaida says:

    To run faster you can lift weights, STRETCH- THAT IS SO IMPORTANT!! Some stretches are angel splits, toe touches, jumping jacks, star jumps. Before you stretch you need to warm up otherwise there’s no point in stretching because warming up perfects stretches and if the stretches are not perfect then that is the key to injury. Warm up by: Jogging on the spot, grapevine, nutbush, push ups and lifting weights (as previously said). I think it’s a fact that if you shave and wear shorts that aren’t baggy, then it’ll make you run a teense faster. Wear clothes that you are comfortable in and if you have an ipod don’t bring it because it will distract you. While you are running, either run on your toes or the middle of your foot. I tested them both. My time probably is alot different than yours because I am a pro at athletics. While running on my toes for 1 mile I got 4:23 and for 2 miles I got 5:47
    While running on the middle of my foot for 1 mile I got 5:54 and 2 miles I got 6:22

    So I think the one with the better result is with the toes but it doesn’t make much difference.

    I think pregnancy made you run a bit slower, no offence. But you can easily lose the belly by eating any type of berries. The Acai Berry can make you lose atleast 5 kilograms in a day (11 pounds). It is THE worlds most fat burning food. Free trials are on now. It is REALLY good. You’d probably find their advertisement on most weight losing websites. My advice, eat 5 fruit, 7 veggies and 8 glasses of water EACH day and you’re running speed will improve. Go jogging each day for 30mins-1 hour and then when you want you can see how fast you are

    Hope I helped.
    Good Luck.

  4. Sudeep King of Scorn says:

    Fartlek running. That’s alternating between slow and fast running. Usually to build endurance you’ve got to run the shorter length of the field or track and briskly walk the longer side. That way you can run, jog, or sprint the shorter side a speed of your choosing. Then gradually you can run the entire distance. This way even your mile time will come down. Try it.

  5. says:

    Pregnancy helps women runners since it increases your VO2 max however it sounds like your out of shape so the best thing you can do is double workouts. Double workouts such as 3 miles in the morning and 3 miles at night. This helps increase your metabolism and jump starts your body performance. Running distance is work so your literally need to plan some time where you can run for 60 minutes a day and put in resistance training in the gym. Weight training will make your muscles stronger and will help your endurance and stamina.

    To increase your speed the easiest workouts to do are intervals and variety is the key. Running at different speeds help your performance. For instance – as you get comfortable with jogging your double workouts try adding some of these:

    A) 100 meter sprints with 100 meter walks for 3 miles or Fartlek speed drills
    B) 400 meters X 8 at mile pace with recovery to 120 heart beats per minute
    C) 1000 meters X 4 at 5K pace or 1 mile X 3 at 5K pace with rests for 1 minute. Run relaxed and on pace.
    D) 5K race

    Pick 2 of these workouts per week with the other days continuing doing the double workouts. Make your workouts as fun as possible for instance cross train with bike riding or running in the pool. Joing a track team for the intervals since it’s easier running with teammates. Running an occasional 5K will bring your times down significantly. Try to do most of your runs on dirt, grass, track or gravel instead of the cement. Conditioning and stressing the body is the key to success. As your body gets used to the program you will need to increase your miles gradually by 10% per week and increase your running times for the intervals. Good luck!