A female wrestlers diet and exercise routines?

Can someone please help me!
Im going into a wrestling school in a few years(in about 2-3 or sooner) and one of the trainers told me it would be smart on my part to already have been fit. So if anything were to change in my diet it wouldn’t be so dramatic. So after reading that crap here comes the real questions.
What type of diet would a female wrestler need?
How would I go about losing 14-18 pounds?
How soon could I make this diet change?
And last but not least,
A female wrestlers exercise plan?
Thanks 2 all and P.S the TLC pay-per-view iz awesome!!

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2 Responses to “A female wrestlers diet and exercise routines?”

  1. komets.geo says:

    Well I believe that best plan, would be the one at the link I provided. It is best to start early, and don’t try to lose the weight fast. A little at a time is so much healthier. So take it easy.
    The second link is more about what things you should NOT do. Again never try to lose more than a couple pounds in a week. It just isn’t worth it. If it is hard for you to lose more than 1 pound in a week, then be happy with just losing that pound. Don’t push it.

  2. The Wild Man says:

    Try the lil Jack exercise plan…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TKCGe2Ezris it really works