What do you eat when you have no appetite?

I know it sounds dumb, but really. I loose my appetite a lot and food just doesn’t taste good at all.
But I know that it’s very important to eat. When I’m not in a state of appetite loss, I eat a lot, like 5-6 times a day. But then I have these days where I have NO appetite at all and sometimes it can last for weeks.
Any suggestions?
Sometimes I drink smoothies, but I don’t wanna get burned out of them.
Thanks for all the answers so far. I am 21, so by age I am an adult. And I’m pretty average weight.

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14 Responses to “What do you eat when you have no appetite?”

  1. fonfon_23 says:

    a decrease in apetite might mean you are depressed….i’ve read that somewhere but otherwise, i don’t think you should force yourself to eat; however, you need to in order to survive.

    just have a little snack

  2. Coco Puffs says:

    drink ensure

  3. kyssable1 says:

    Just try eating things like yogurt, fresh fruit…crackers…You don’t have to eat a full course meal, but you just want to give your body the nourishment it needs.

  4. lalala... says:

    usually what i do is grab myself a granola bar…

  5. scorpio32x says:

    A bacon sandwich
    tuna and mayonaise sandwich
    gammon with egg and chips
    chicken curry
    cheese, ham and tomato on toast
    southern fried chicken
    freshly baked bread
    hot chocolate fudgecake
    pepperoni pizza

    How can you tell I’m on a diet and dreaming of food!!!!!

  6. gregoresak says:

    Try increasing the variety of what you normally eat, so you don’t get bored with certain foods. Also, pay attention to whether your appetite is affected by how much stress you experience (or depression). If you continue to lose your appetite often you may want to consider seeing your family doctor for a check-up.

  7. mamabear says:

    Ensure is a good idea, but some people don’t like the way it tastes, and others say it gives them stomach problems.

    Alternate those smoothies with shakes, drinkable yogurt, and other things that are drinkable. Juices are also good because of the vitamins.

    It’s okay if you have small snacks, just be sure to eat something so that you can take some vitamins. Don’t forget about drinking enough water – you need it, even if you don’t desire it.

    And yes, it could be depression, as someone mentioned. That does affect eating patterns (and sometimes sleeping patterns). You should check it out with a professional.

    Good luck.

  8. Sylvia D says:

    I never eat breakfast, but one day I grabbed an apple and by mid-morning I was starving. I think there’s something in that kind of fruit that triggers the stomach acids which, in turn, makes you hungry.

    I suffer from depression and go through the phases you mention. Eating something light helps, even if it’s just crackers and cheese. But I’d try the fruit – the ones with lots of juice seem to work best – like pears, apples, oranges.

    Of course, if depression is the cause, you might try taking B-vitamins which alleviate depression. It will take a month or so to work, but I definitely noticed an improvement when I went on B-vitamins. Those are the “Stress Vitamins” you can buy. The ones I got were All-Bee with C (vitamin C).

  9. marcellinemuscat says:

    dont worry if you are young i suggest you to take trimetobol or else tryto take some wine before you start eathing and you know the secret to eat first you go and do the gym do a workout or jog for an hour and then you feel hungry for sure try it good luck dont eat alott keep you figur good luck

  10. wildfire1696 says:

    I go through this quite a lot, many times it’s due to depression ( which I have ), other times I don’t want to eat if I’ve been to visit my grandparents who, even though I’m 36 yrs old; still feel the need to belittle me especially about my weight. Talk about generation gap with them, my grandmother and grandfather both don’t actually realize that what they say isn’t helpful but hurtful to the point of me withdrawing. It takes a great amount of will power to make myself eat after one of THOSE visits. Normally what I do is eat a handful of crackers or a bowl of rice or buttered toast. I also will grab a glass of milk. Milk serves two purposes, one it’s good for you and two it will actually make you feel satisfied. It’s not something I would recommend doing all the time unless you did supplemental health shakes. One supplemental health shake is equal to one meal. There are many types that are not for diet purpose out on the market. They are designed for just this sort of thing. Boost, Breeze(by Boost), Ensure, Ensure Plus, Resource and many many more that are for the times you don’t have an appetite . They can be purchased at any store and aren’t horribly expensive. Many even offer Pudding’s or snack bars.
    On the more important side you really should go see your Dr and discuss these bouts of lack of appetite. It could be something as simple as depression or something more complex; only your Dr can tell you for sure.
    Like I said know how that feels and normally if I get like that it takes my husband fixing me something light and sitting there making SURE I eat if not all at least a good bit of the food..
    On another crazy thought, depending on your age (if your not an adult that is ) it could simply be a growth spurt causing you to eat like that then not eat for several day’s. My daughter is 9 and she has times she will eat and eat and eat till I think she will burst, then she “Crashes” IE:falls asleep, after that it’s pretty obvious she’s had a spurt because her clothing doesn’t fit like it did the day before *laugh*. Drives me NUTS!!!

    I hope things get better for you and soon. *HUGS*

  11. Cherry Red says:

    who do you think you are? you had better start leaving you know who alone. end of story. grow up and get out of here.

  12. Preciosa says:

    I am in the same boat. I have no appetite what so ever. I eat because I have to. But if it was up to me I wouldn’t. I feel full just by eating a very small amount. I know this is not healthy. I’m actually going to the Dr. in a week so they can check my stomach and stuff. I’m trying to gain a couple of pounds but its too difficult. Go see a Dr. It can get worse.

    Good Luck

  13. ft3535 says:

    i am a rabbit..
    i nibble on carrots..they are sweet..like stuff your not supposed to eat..
    and i nibble on lettuce..just because i love to eat it..
    that what i eat…
    good luck

  14. Damnit says:

    Been there done that. Try eating some greens. U must force urself 2 eat!!