Ok to take a week off from exercise?

I have been working out very hard the last several months but am feeling very burned out. I’d say I exercise 8 hours a week, sometimes more (kick boxing, yoga, resistance)…..I am probably a little obsessive but wonder what any of you think (no I’m not an endurance athlete). Is it a good idea to take a break?
Yeah, rest is not one of my ‘fine points’. I’ve exercised for several years and don’t need to lose weight and have actually increased my exercise over the last 1.5. I used to only exercise 3 days a week, now it’s 6 for longer periods of time.


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6 Responses to “Ok to take a week off from exercise?”

  1. wendyf46 says:

    sure or you could do something more fun, like walking or biking or swimming. something that will still work muscles but not wear you aout.

  2. Sade G says:

    It’s fine to take breaks, but make sure it’s no more than 2 weeks. After 2 weeks of not exercising you lose up to 12 percent of your muscle strength, 7 percent of your endurance. It’s fine to take a week off every once in awhile. I do every couple of months.

  3. Laurel W says:

    It’s good to take a day off every week, but a whole week will make it so you start out almost where you were when you began in the first place. Do not go for more than 48 hours without exercise.

  4. GingerGirl says:

    Your body needs at least one day of rest a week. If you need to take two days off – I’m sure you’ll feel up to working out then. You probably shouldn’t take a whole week off – your muscle can start to “soften” after 72 hours.

  5. jaxmiry says:

    You can certainly go a week. Be prepared to lose a bit of strength, but if you’re in good shape and eating well it won’t take you back to square one as has been suggested here.

    One of the keys to building fitness is rest. If you aren’t giving your body time to recover from the workouts you will not see the results you are looking for. Sometimes a few days rest is just what your body needs to lunge forward. Heck, you may find that after the rest you are able to lift more or perform a difficult yoga pose that you’ve been struggling with.

    The biggest keys to living fit are nutrution and plenty of rest after the exercise. You’re on the right track. Best of luck!

  6. Lucine H says:

    yes, it won’t do anything to your muscle or cardio fitness level
    but after 2 weeks, you will start to decline