Muscles to exercise for a bicycle marathon?

Hey folks, I’m investing in a Gary Fisher Arc Super Road Bike. I’m doing the MS150 which is roughly 150 mile ride from Duluth to Minneapolis,MN. The weather sucks here and I cant ride yet, so I want to pump my legs up in shape, so what are some good exercises so I can get those huge cyclist legs? I was thinking squats or something? I was also wondering if using the bike machine where you sit in a chair, and the pedals are in front of you would be beneficial, since its not necessarily the same “motion”? Any advice would be great, thanks a bunch.

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4 Responses to “Muscles to exercise for a bicycle marathon?”

  1. Bob A says:

    The best thing you can do is get a trainer for you bike. Even a cheap $100 one will work. A recumbent exercise bike will work along with doing squats (lite weight many reps) will help. You really need time in the saddle to get your butt in shape, there is no other substitute.

  2. McG says:

    Get thy butt on a trainer.

    Then as soon as you can possibly stand the weather, say 40+ degrees get out and begin training rides. You will need to ride at least one 100 mile training ride before attempting a 150.

    Progression should be something like this. Ride the trainer at 90 – 100 cadence (rpm of the crank) for 30 min straight a day for the first 5 days. One day off. Then for 1 hour a day for the next 5 days. One day off. Continue riding on the trainer between 45 min and and hour every day and begin riding outside also. Start with 3 days a week outside for 15 – 20 mile rides. Increase your three times a week to 35 – 40 miles. Include one 50 – 60 mile ride in the second month. Then while continuing all the other rides in the second month ride a 100 miler. Allow at least 8 hours of time to complete your first century.

    You didn’t mention when your ride is, but for a 150 mile ride you better have at least 90 days to prepare if you have never done one. 150 miles is a serious ride. You not only have to get your legs ready, your saddle has to have some serious meeting with your back side to get your butt ready. 150 miles is not for the casual cyclist. To enjoy it you should have ridden at least 400 miles during the two months prior to the Tour including at least one 100-mile day. In addition, you, your bicycle, and equipment must be in top shape.

  3. silverbullet says:

    1. A marathon is a 26.2 mile running event. It has nothing whatever to do with bicycles.

    2. You won’t get huge quads in the few months until the MS 150. It generally takes tens of thousands of miles for that.

    3. A recumbent trainer would be OK to begin getting in shape. The torso/leg angle is reasonably close to a normal bike, so muscle recruitment would be similar. Still, its best to get outside as soon and as often as you can.

    Note to McG: Pretty sure the MS150 is a two or three day thing targeted at beginners and casual cyclists. You and I would be bored silly. I’m not a charity ride kinda guy, but being in the Midwest, I see all the ads for these things.

  4. spin says:

    Yes you can ride in this weather.
    If you can’t get thee to a spin class.
    Get an indoor trainer and get on YOUR bike.
    Get outside on YOUR bike as soon and as often and for how long as you can.

    What he sed, there is no “bike marathon”, instead you are doing what looks like 2 metric centuries.

    5 California AIDS Lifecycle rides (that’s 7 days, 585 miles, SF to LA)