can we exercise (jogging/brisk walking/hula hoop/dance aerobic) during our menstrual period?

Is it safe to exercise vigorously during menstrual period? Especially during heavy flow?

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9 Responses to “can we exercise (jogging/brisk walking/hula hoop/dance aerobic) during our menstrual period?”

  1. tinkiewinkietoo says:

    There is no need to change your normal routine just because you are having your cycle. It is life and you just have to live with it.

  2. knittygritty says:

    There is no reason why not, you just might feel a bit more rundown than usual and need to rest more quickly.
    As long as you no that you can’t leak then its all good!

  3. lilprincess20 says:

    Yes it is very safe. Exercising actually helps cramps if you have them! and you need to get up your health especially during that time.

  4. Nataraja says:

    You sure can do it. But the problem is that the pad you use will rub against the thighs and will hurt you.

  5. Fun_knowledge spin says:

    definitely…….. u can excerise even during mens period…as long as u r comfortable wid it…….

  6. mystycal2u says:

    yes, You can exercise any way you like when you are flowing.

  7. Sybil says:

    In yoga we prefer women not to do inverted asanas when they are menstruating but it really is individual preference. After all, no one is going to ask you.

    Other than that, I’d say it depends on how you feel. If a brisk walk – or even a leisurely walk is what you desire, well that is what you need.

    If you’re fit and used to jogging, dancing etc. there shouldn’t be any reason to suddenly stop because of your menstrual cycle. I guess the main thing is to judge your own limitations and go with how you feel – and stop if you are uncomfortable. Be kind to yourself.

  8. cognizantcat says:

    I feel better when I exercise, regardless whether it is during my time of the month or not. The first couple of days I stay away from a vigorous ab workout, but aerobics is a good way to work up a good sweat and feel better. Also, I have heard that in yoga, don’t do the “upside down” moves durning that time. Otherwise, I say go for it!

    The only time that I would say “Do not exercise,” is if you are sick with a fever. But listen to your body. If you are tired and feel weak, then modify your exercise, or do a shortened set.


  9. Toning Girl says:

    Yes, you can exercise vigorously, even during heavy flow days.

    See, exercise promotes blood circulation and increases oxygen intake in your body.

    So during monthly cycle, the increased blood circulation and oxygen intake during exercise will help you to discharge off waste and toxins more efficiently.

    Exercise also reduces cramps, nausea, discomfort and bloatings.

    Try lower-intensity exercise first, and gradually increase your level of intensity as and when you feel comfortable and your body has adapted to the exercise.

    Your fear may be that vigorous exercise can change your menstrual cycle – like fewer or total cessation of periods.

    Don’t worry, it won’t happen.

    Menstruation only ceases in female athletes who’re bent on very vigorous training routines. This is known as amenorrhea.

    Even then, the cessation is said to be due more to loss of body fat and hormonal changes, rather than due to the vigorous exercise performed.